Business Buy-Sell

Are You Looking for an Advisor to Help Sell Your Business?

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We are an accounting firm with experience in the valuation and litigation areas as well as the sale of businesses for over 30 years. Let us help you sell your business.

Listed below are tips for selling a business.

  • Identify reasons for selling.
  • Identify potential buyers.
  • Obtain a Business Valuation or a Calculation of Value report. Can be done initially to determine value.
  • Sign a confidentiality agreement.
  • Have the potential buyer submit a contract with a refundable deposit.
  • Prepare for sale.
  • Prepare for the exit strategy.
  • Be prepared to help in the transition.
  • Have an attorney review the sales contract to determine legal issues.
  • Be careful what is released when prospective buyers perform their due diligence. Do not release any client names until closing.
  • Organize your records.
  • Prepare a Company background section for buyer.
  • Remember that it is common for a business that sells for cash to have to discount the sales price.

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