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IRS Controversies

Tax Services

IRS problems almost always come in one of two categories – audits or collection action. We can help you with either.

Only Certified Public Accountants, attorneys and Enrolled Agents are legally permitted to act on your behalf before the IRS.

Knowledge of the tax laws, combined with being proficient in current IRS procedures, is vital. An aggressive strategy, joined with the persistence to cut through the red tape and bureaucracy, is the difference between winning and losing when challenged by the Internal Revenue Service.


These days most audits are handled by mail or phone. About 10% require a personal meeting between the taxpayer’s representative and the IRS. The emphasis on the term “representative” is intentional. With C.P. Schumann & Co., P.C., representing you, it’s unlikely that you will meet with the IRS. We’ll take care of that for you.

Collection Actions

Collection matters can present a serious danger to your financial well-being. The IRS is required by law to follow specific procedures as it perfects it’s ability to take enforced collection action – that’s when they start garnishing paychecks, levying bank accounts and so on. When the IRS informs you that they intend to collect what they say you owe, it’s time to get in touch with us. We may be able to postpone these actions, allowing us time to do the strategic work necessary to offer you the best possible result and put your mind at ease.

Offers In Compromise

It’s possible to settle IRS debts for, in some cases, considerably less than the amount owed. You may be eligible to present an “Offer In Compromise” as a means to settle your IRS debt. This instrument allows you to offer the IRS an amount substantially less than they are seeking as a means of satisfying your debt. This is a process best entered into by a seasoned professional.

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